Best Holiday Activities Near Me For Kids (35+)

Best Holiday Activities Near Me For Kids (35+)

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  • February 22, 2024
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There are many holiday activities you can pick. Some fun and best holiday activities are planning a movie night, playing with snow during the winter, donating toys, playing with family, and more.

This guide will teach you the three categories of affordable and EASY holiday activities:

  • Best holiday activities for kids.
  • Fun holiday activities for kids.
  • Summer holiday activities for kids.

Let’s get started.

Best Holiday Activities For Kids

Here is an extensive list of the best holiday activities to keep your kids entertained and happy!

Plan a Movie Night: Why not turn your living room into a cozy cinema? Get blankets, make popcorn, and engage in a festive movie marathon. It is the best way of celebrating the season’s magic together.

Holiday Puzzle Time: Encourage young minds with holiday-themed puzzles. Besides being fun, it is an intelligent approach to developing their cognitive problem-solving. You can select colorful puzzles and see them smile as the image unfolds.

Make a Garland: Have a DIY garland-making session and get creative. You can make paper chains, or popcorn stringing is a delightful way. It also brings a personal touch to your holiday decor.

Practice Activity Sheets: Occupy the little ones with Christmas-themed activity sheets. You can involve them in coloring, word searches, or connect-the-dots, which makes learning fun.

Indoor Bowling: Create an indoor bowling set and transform your hallway into a bowling passage. It’s a fun and active game to enhance physical fitness.

Holiday Science Experiments: Excite their curiosity with holiday-themed science experiments. These experiments include manufacturing sweet canes and making a snowstorm in a jar. Moreover, they are educational additions to the festive season.

Play Pictionary: Make a game of holiday Pictionary and use your family room as the canvas. The giggles will follow when a person guesses those festive drawings.

Conduct Indoor Games: Indoor games such as charades, Simon says, will keep the kids occupied on cold days. So, please give it a go!

Help Others: Giving a hand by making the kids a part of small acts of kindness such as making cookies for a neighbor or holiday cards for older adults.

Donate Toys: Motivate the children to clean out and give out excessive toys. You can donate toys they have no time for anymore. It’s a vital lesson in sharing.

Attend a Holiday Concert: You can visit local events or try out virtual performances as a holiday concert for the couple. It is like an introduction to the magic of live music.

Play a Sport with Family: During the holidays, you can participate in a snowball game or play indoor soccer with your friends.

Recite Poems: Challenge your friends to write holiday-themed poetry. It is an excellent way for them to be expressive and show the season’s happiness.

Conduct Drawing Activities: Create a holiday-themed drawing station. You can complete the drawing with paper, crayons, and markers. Allow them to express their imaginations as they create festive pieces.

Conduct Quizzes: Organize a special themed quiz night. You can test their knowledge of the season’s traditions, fun facts, and history.

Write an Essay: Get the kids to write about their favorite holiday memory or what the season means to them.

Fun Holiday Activities For Kids

Here is an extensive list of fun holiday activities that will keep your children entertained:

Make Gingerbread Houses: Have you ever fantasized about living in a gingerbread house? Well, you may not construct gingerbread houses, but you can build the houses in a joyful and mouthwatering way.

Pinecone Bird Feeder: You can create a banquet for birdies from a basic pinecone. You can wrap it with peanut butter, roll it in birdseed, and hang it out for a Christmas bird buffet.

Go Caroling: Go caroling in the neighborhood and share holiday cheer. Your community will also be happy if you sing festive tunes.

Make Ornaments: You can make your ornaments with an added personal touch. It can be popsicle stick reindeer, salt dough snowflakes, or whatever possibilities.

Play in the Snow: When the weather is conducive, wrap up and go outdoors for classic snow play. Make snowmen, play with friendly snowballs, and love the winter magic.

Build a Fort with Blankets: Build forts with blankets in the living room for warmth and comfort. It creates a perfect place for story time or relaxation.

Decorate Your Front Door: Give your front door a festive makeover. Let the kids be creative enough using wreaths, garlands, and twinkling lights.

Paper Snowflakes: Cut paper snowflakes to create an indoor blizzard. It is a fascinating yet easy game that brings a hint of winter wonder to your house.

Make Cookies or Other Holiday Treats: Make your kitchen a holiday bakery. You can bake together and begin from classic sugar cookies to festive gingerbread.

Make Your Pizza Night: Make-your-own pizza night can transform dinner into a fun activity. Let the kids go to the counter and choose their toppings and the creative kitchen fun.

Holiday Books from the Library: Go to the local library and find a treasure of seasonal books. This is a good, cozy way to bring in the festivity.

Summer Holiday Activities For Kids

Plant a Garden Together: You can get involved in some gardening by getting your hands dirty. You can add creativity to your outdoor space by planting cold-resistant plants like pansies or evergreens.

Visit a Zoo or Aquarium: Have a visit with the season’s magic with the animals or aquatic wonders. Zoos and aquariums decorate for the holidays with various displays, creating a magical feeling.

Holiday Party Games: Organize festive games for a holiday party at home. There’s no shortage of fun activities, from pin the nose on Rudolph to holiday bingo.

Outdoor Watercolor Painting: Watercolor painting can be taken outdoors for artistic efforts. Let the kids sketch the magical winter wonderland as they create their artwork.

Go on a Beach Day: Can beaches be enjoyed only during summer? Pack up your sand toys and go to the beach for a beach day of a lifetime this winter. Play around the building snowmen and feel the fresh breeze.

Go for a Sightseeing Tour: You can tour the neighborhood on a holiday sightseeing tour. Go around the town and load the car with holiday lights and songs.

Go for a Picnic: Go on a winter picnic as weather permits. Get hot cocoa, snacks, and cozy blankets to enjoy a delightful family gathering on a chilly afternoon.

Final Thoughts

The holiday is meant to enjoy and refresh your kids’ minds. Make sure to pick meaningful and worthwhile holiday activities that your kids love.

We discussed 35+ best holiday activities near me for kids; each activity has something for your kid to learn. Try at least 10/35 activities to give them the best holiday experience.

Give your kids a sense of refreshment during this holiday season!

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