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What does this Policy cover?

When we talk about our “Services”, we mean all of the websites, apps, and products we provide through our brands and other means.

This Policy tells you how we collect and use your personal data (also known as personal information). It also informs you about how we keep your data safe and the choices you may have, so please make sure you read it.

We want this Policy to be easy to read. In some sections, you can click to get more detail about what we do. Please note, all parts of this Policy apply to all the things we do. We may give further notices for some Services and places, and these should be read in conjunction with this Policy.

Our Services may contain links to other sites. We do not control these sites and we encourage you to read their privacy notices.

Our Services should not be used by individuals who are less than 16 years old.

What data do we collect, use, and share? (summary)

This section constitutes our notice at collection pursuant to the CCPA. During at least the past 12 months, we have disclosed personal data for the following business or commercial purposes:

Categories of Personal Information

Personal Identifiers, such as your name, alias, postal address, email address, telephone number, online identifier, Internet Protocol address, account name, education, employment, credit or debit card number, any financial information as well as information considered sensitive such as social security number, account log-in, and any information on your government identification cards.

Protected Classification Characteristics, such as your age, race, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, marital status, and sex, all of which are considered sensitive personal information.

Commercial Information, such as products or services you purchased, obtained, or considered, or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies.

Internet or Network Activity Information, such as your browsing history, search history, and information regarding a consumer’s interaction with an internet website application, or advertisement.

Geolocation Information, are data that is derived from your device by using satellite or cell phone tower signals to locate you within a geographic area. Precise geolocation data is equal to or less than the area of a circle with a radius of 1,850 feet and is considered sensitive personal information.

Audio or Visual Information, such as audio or screen records (with your permission).

Inferences, drawn from the data above which could create a profile reflecting your preferences, characteristics, predispositions, behavior, abilities, and aptitudes.

Purpose for Collecting Personal Information
Providing our Services and carrying out your requests.

When providing our Services we may use your data (as applicable):

  • To register and secure your account.
  • To receive and respond to calls and messages from you.
  • To check your identity and eligibility for our Services.
  • To help you get the best pricing and products we have.
  • To direct you to the websites of our partners.
  • To process transactions between you and us, or our partners.
  • To personalize the Service you get.
  • To keep your data up to date.
  • To provide customer service and support.
  • To complete data rights requests you have made.
  • To enable you to use social sharing tools.
  • To track sales and get paid by our partners.
  • To allow you to use our Services on one device and pick up seamlessly where you left off on another device.

 (Improving and promoting our Services and those of others.

To help improve and promote our Services, and the Services of our partners, we may use your data:

  • To carry out analysis and market research.
  • To help present our Services clearly and in the most effective way.
  • To run sweepstakes and surveys.
  • To help us and our partners create better products for you.
  • To process any rewards we may offer to you.
  • To send updates and Service messages about your products and services.
  • To let you know about our services and promotions by email, social media (e.g., Facebook), and using push notifications (where you agree).
  • To let you know about the Services of other Kakakuyi’ brands.
  • To build, train, and augment models which help us understand your likely interests and those of other consumers.
  • To target advertising to you, on this and other websites, based on data we have collected or created.
  • To provide location-based offers based on your device’s physical location (where you agree).
  • To help us understand if and how our and others marketing works.

Please note:We do not use profiling in a way that could have legal or similar effects.

Operating our business.

In the course of running our business we may use your data:

  • To conduct tasks necessary for running our Services and business.
  • To help secure our business and prevent fraud.
  • To create reports for internal or external purposes.
  • To comply with legitimate legal requests.
  • To audit our business and processes.
  • To protect the interests of our business, and those of our partners.

For other purposes not described in this Privacy Policy that you consent to (from time to time) and as otherwise permitted by law.

Other disclosures: We may share your personal data with your consent or to comply with laws or other legal processes.

Sale of Personal Data: We do not sell, rent, or loan your personal data to third parties for money. However, subject to your privacy choices, we may share your data (Identifiers, Internet or Network Activity Data, and Geo-location Information sections of the above chart) to social media platforms, analytics providers, and advertising companies, and this may be treated as a “sale” under certain laws. See the How Can You Control Your Data section of this Policy for more detail on your privacy choices.

Data Retention: We keep your data for as long as we need to in order to provide you Services and to comply with our business and legal obligations. To work out how long we need to keep your data, we consider the amount of data, the type of data, the risks that unintended use or disclosure could bring, and whether we can do what we need to by using less data, and other legal reasons. When we no longer need your data for our stated purposes, we securely delete it.

Collection of Data from Children: We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy and safety of children. Our Services are not directed towards children. We do not knowingly collect data about children under the age of 16 or minors otherwise defined in local law or regulation without verifiable parental consent. If we learn that someone under 16 has given us their data, we will use reasonable efforts to remove that data from our databases.

What data do we collect?

When you use our Services, we collect and use data.

We collect this data in four main ways:

  1. You give us data when using our Services (such as your name or email).
  2. Data is collected automatically as you use our Services (such as your IP address).
  3. We obtain data from other parties to help run our Services.
  4. We use or combine the data we get to infer things about you (such as, what appears to interest you).

We collect the data needed for our legitimate purposes.

See below for more detail.


How do we use your data?

We use your data to serve you and operate our business.

Depending on the Services you use and the choices you make, we will use your data to:

  • Provide our Services and carry out your requests.
  • Improve and promote the Services of us and others.
  • Operate and secure our business.

See below for more detail.


How do we use cookies?

Cookies are small text files and are widely used when you visit websites. We use cookies and other similar tools on our websites. They help us to see returning visitors, store data for later use, and target our advertising.

You can adjust the settings in your browser to stop the use of cookies, but some of our Services may not work if you do so. To learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them, please read our Cookie Policy.

When do we share data with others?

To offer our Services and run our business, we must share some data.

We may share data with third parties to provide our Services. For example, with the partners whose products you have selected.

We may share data with third parties whose services we use to run our business. For example, we pay for a third party to host our databases for us.

We may share data with third parties to comply with the law and defend our interests, and those of our partners. For example, we share data with lawyers, external advisors, and other professionals.

See below for more detail.


Social features

Some of our Services let you use “Social Features” that are offered by third parties. For example, you may be able to ‘like’ or ‘share’ things on Facebook / InstagramGoogle / YouTubeLinked InSnapchatTik Tok, and Twitter. To use these features you may need to have an account with the provider, and you should make sure you understand their privacy practices.

If you choose to use Social Features on our Services or access our Services from Social Features, both we and the provider may have access to data about your use. If you are logged in to a provider’s services, they may be able to connect your visit with other personal data they hold about you. We (and others) may use this data to place ads based on your interests on these providers’ services. In addition, we may ask you if we can access and collect data from your accounts, and post content to your contacts for you.

When you link a Social Feature provider with an account for one of our Services, you grant us access to certain data about you to provide content and services. This access is governed by the privacy policy and choices you make with that provider.

Why we can use your data

To collect and use your data, we must have a valid reason.

These reasons vary based on what we are doing but they will normally be because:

  • you have given us your consent to use your data.
  • we need fulfill a contract we have with you or take steps towards forming a contract,
  • it is our legal duty to use your data in certain ways, or
  • using your data for certain reasons is legitimate.

See below for more detail.


How long do we keep your data?

We keep your data for as long as it is needed to provide you with our Services.

To determine how long we need to keep your data, we consider:

  • the amount of data,
  • the type of data,
  • the risks that unintended use or disclosure could bring, and
  • whether we can do what we need to by using less data.

In addition, we may also keep and use your data for as long as it is needed for legal or contractual reasons, dispute resolution, fraud prevention, and security.

See below for more detail.


How do we keep your data safe?

We take the protection of your data very seriously.

We use best practices to help keep your data safe. However, there is always some risk when storing data or sending it over the internet. As such, we cannot guarantee the security of your data, and you should know that sharing it is done at your own risk.

To the extent we store and use de-identified data, we will not attempt to reidentify the data unless permitted by law.


How can you control your data?

You can make certain choices about the way we collect, use, store, and share your data.

Sometimes these choices apply to everyone who uses a Service (for example, anyone who gets a newsletter from us can opt-out of future emails); other times these choices only apply to those covered by a certain privacy law.

We manage all of the requests raised to us as the law requires. This means there may be legal reasons why we cannot complete all requests.

Please note: we may need proof of your identity before we can start your request.

To make these choices you should use the links to the forms below to submit a request.

See below for more detail.


Region and Service specific notices

For additional region-specific information about our privacy practices and additional rights you may have, please see the applicable notice below:







For additional Service-specific information about our privacy practices, please see applicable notice below:




We would appreciate it if you gave us a chance to address any complaints you may have. You can use the details below to submit a complaint and you may also be able to raise a complaint with your local regulator.

How can you contact us?

Contact us using the details below if you have any questions about our this Policy, or would like to make a complaint.

  • Email:

Changes to this Policy

Sometimes we need to make changes to how we collect, use, and protect your data. When we do, we will let you know by updating this policy. If the changes we make are important, we’ll also post a special notice on our website.

Any changes will usually only affect the data we collect after the new policy has been published. Any data we collected before the changes will still be covered by the old policy.

We will also let you know when we last made these changes by publishing the date we last changed it.

Kakakuyi is committed to building inclusive digital products. For questions about accessibility, requests for accommodations, or to submit an accessibility issue, contact us.

KAKAKUYI Short Code Addendum

This KAKAKUYI Short Code Addendum applies to subscribers of the KAKAKUYI Daily Deals text alerts only.

Where you share your mobile number to opt-in to receiving daily text alerts from KAKAKUYI via our Short Code, we will only use information you provide to transmit your text message and will not share or use your mobile number for other business purposes. Nonetheless, as described in our privacy policy (above), we reserve the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any legal, regulatory or governmental request, to avoid liability, or to protect our rights or property.

When you complete forms online or otherwise provide us information in connection with the Service, you agree to provide accurate, complete and true information. You agree not to use a false or misleading name or a name that you are not authorized to use. If we, in our sole discretion, believe that any such information is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, we may refuse you access to the Service and pursue any appropriate legal remedies.

KAKAKUYI Shopping Addendum

This KAKAKUYI Shopping Addendum (‘Shopping Addendum’) to our main Privacy Policy (‘Privacy Policy’) applies to users of KAKAKUYI Shopping and shall be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy. In case of any conflict between the Privacy Policy and terms of this Shopping Addendum, this Shopping Addendum shall prevail. 

KAKAKUYI Shopping has links to various merchant websites; please note that we do not control these websites and you should review their privacy policies yourself.


By installing and using the KAKAKUYI Shopping tools and extensions, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information by us.

If you do not permit us to collect your information, you should not install KAKAKUYI Shopping and we will not be able provide this product to you. By providing your information to us, you consent to the use of such information by us in accordance with this Shopping Addendum and/or our Privacy Policy.


To provide KAKAKUYI Shopping, it is necessary to collect and use some limited information.

In addition to the information described in our Privacy Policy we may collect the following necessary information when the KAKAKUYI Shopping browser extension is enabled:

  • The products and services you have considered and ordered, including merchant types and transaction history.
  • Interactions with our Services and relevant merchant webpages you visit and coupons you use.

KAKAKUYI Shopping does not collect or read unnecessary information, such as your search history and communications, or observe visits to non-merchant webpages.


The information we collect is used to operate and develop KAKAKUYI Shopping, including:

  • Delivering content, features, notifications, and Services that you have requested.
  • Identifying products and product categories that may be of interest and displaying relevant marketing. For example: when alternative merchants and pricing are presented through our extension.
  • Deriving inferences from the information we collect to enrich our understanding of KAKAKUYI Shopping users.
  • Development of KAKAKUYI Shopping, including identifying new products, categories, and coupons to include as part of our product.


In addition to the purposes described in our Privacy Policy we may share information for the following reasons:

  • To confirm purchases and match transactions with our commercial partners.
  • To provide merchants and third-party service providers aggregated and anonymized information regarding KAKAKUYI Shopping audiences and product use.
  • To utilize service providers, who perform functions for our benefit or on our behalf, under our instructions and in compliance with appropriate contractual, technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from unauthorized use, retention, or disclosure.

We do not disclose personal information from KAKAKUYI Shopping to third-parties in exchange for monetary compensation. Some personal information is made available to third parties to enable us to draw certain benefit from them. Under the CCPA, it is considered that we “sell” personal information because we make it available in this manner. Please click here if you would like to submit a Do Not Sell My Personal Information request.


Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about your data rights.


We operate in the United States and transfer, store and process personal data outside of the EEA/UK, using applicable approved data transfer mechanisms.


This Shopping Addendum describes KAKAKUYI Shopping specific privacy practices. KAKAKUYI Shopping may change its privacy practices in the future, and we may revise our Privacy Policy and this Shopping Addendum to reflect these changes. Please refer to the Last Updated Date

 depending on the nature of your interactions with us)

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